21 Things Every Teacher Should Do While on Spring Brea

Things I Found March 24, 2016

https://www.clipular.com/users/6397363814924288/collections/things-i-found-this-week-3-24-2016 Articles/sites I’m sharing: 7 Mind-Melting April Fools’ Pranks for Teachers Q & A with David Denby: ‘Serious’ Reading in the Digital Age GOP Congressmen Say Unions Threaten Cybersecurity Goethe on the Psychology of Color and Emotion 21 Things Every Teacher Should Do While on Spring Break Poll: About Half US Students Identify as ‘Hopeful’ […]

Things I Found This Week March 11, 2016

https://www.clipular.com/users/6397363814924288/collections/things-i-found-11-march-16 Here are the articles I’m sharing: Deeper Learning Approach Improves Graduation Rates, Study Finds More Female Math and Science Teachers Increase Likelihood Girls Pursue STEM Teachers Report: OER In; Textbooks Out Neuroscientists Study Real-Time Learning in Classroom Lab Is Digital Privacy Becoming a Partisan Issue? Immigrant Children Have a Right to a Good Education […]

Things I Found This Week March 4, 2016

Here are the articles I’m linking to this week: https://www.clipular.com/users/6397363814924288/collections/things-i-found-4-march-2016 The Fantastic New Ways to Teach Math That Most Schools Aren’t Even Using The Difference Between Being Eligible for College and Ready for College What the Country Can Learn from Boston about Bringing the Arts Back to Public Schools The Magical Thing Eating Chocolate Does […]