Cover of Stone Fox by John Renyolds Gardiner

Stone Fox by John Renyolds Gardiner

Willy is a young boy who lives with his grandfather and loyal dog, Searchlight in Jackson, Wyoming on a small  potato farm.  One day Willy’s grandfather refuses to leave his bed and falls into a deep depression.  Willy decides the only way to help his grandfather is by saving the farm.  Willy and Searchlight enter a dogsled race where they must race against the notorious Stone Fox, a well known native American who has never lost a race.  Willy is determined to beat Stone Fox, win the $500 prize, and save the farm.  On the day of the race, Willy and Searchlight use their wit and bravery to run the most exciting race of their lives.  However, events quickly turn, and in the end fierce competitors help each other in an unexpected way.

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