Working with a PCT class on research and citation

In the last two weeks, I’ve worked closely with one of our dual enrollment classes to help them complete a research project. In the course of the project, they needed to find scholarly sources, use them (obviously!) and cite them properly. We started with the databases available in POWER Library, but because they’re also Penn […]

Are you motivated to fight the filter?

If you’re reading this, you’re probably not using a school computer. As you know, the school uses a filter to block students from accessing inappropriate content. Many of you know how to work around the filter–I know it. I see it. You do it. I’ve seen you slipping onto Facebook, watching streaming video of last […]

The Daring Librarian's Comic Tutorial on using Wikipedia

Wikipedia is not a bad word!

I admit that I spent a few years discouraging students from using Wikipedia, however, I’ve changed my mind since coming to the high school. I still talk about the fact that it can be edited by anyone (unless there’s a lock visible on the article.) However, when you are given a topic that you know […]

Evolution of Print

There’s a great article by Lev Grossman in the New York Times from late last week that discusses the evolution of reading devices ranging from the scrolls of biblical times, to Gutenberg’s printing press codex and now on eReaders. Grossman observes, “It’s no wonder that the rise of e-reading has revived two words for classical-era […]