Mistletoe and Murder by Robin Stevens

Daisy Wells and Hazel Wong are two teenage girls spending Christmas in Cambridge.  They are visiting Daisy’s brother Bertie but staying with Daisy’s aunt Eustacia at an all-girls college. Daisy and Hazel are junior detectives, they are investigating some accidents at Bertie’s school when a murder has taken place.  The junior detectives narrow down the list of suspects one by one until they unravel the […]

Nothing But Sky by Amy Trueblood

Grace Lafferty, a daredevil wingwalker is looking forward to competing in the 1922 World Aviation Expo.  But a saboteur might prevent Grace and her team from winning, which would mean losing a Hollywood contract.  Grace has been practicing risky maneuvers in the air since she was a teenage girl.  Her uncle taught her at a young age.  Grace’s parents […]