Kindle FAQ

Williamsport High School Library’s Kindle FAQ

Quick Facts:

  • 17 Kindles
  • 1 week loan period
  • $5/day fine if not returned on time
  • Books loaded on Kindles have been requested by students
  • Students cannot have overdues or fines to borrow WAHS’s Kindles

Other questions? See below!


What books are on the Library’s Kindles?

The books that we have preloaded on Kindles are mostly items that are in the public domain. This includes many classics like Alice in Wonderland, Dracula, Pride and Prejudice. For a complete list of the titles that are loaded, visit

To see what books are on your Kindle, press the HOME button and page through the list. You may also check the Archived Items folder (usually on the last page of titles).

Can I connect the Kindle to my home WiFi?

Yes, especially if you decide you want to read another book. Use the MENU button to turn wireless on and scan for your router. Use the KEYBOARD button to type in the details for your password.

Can I request a specific book?

Students are encouraged to request books for the library, whether in print or in Kindle format. You can use this form <> to do it online, or stop by the library to request an item in person. We can’t always purchase books, but we’ll do our best. We can also borrow books for you from other libraries.

Can I borrow an ebook from the James V. Brown Library and read it on a school Kindle?

Right now, the answer is no, not really. We’re working through the glitches because it is possible, but not at this time. Please check back again!

How long can I keep the Kindle?

Two weeks, just like a regular book from the library.

Why is the fine so large?

The Library does not want your money; we want to get Kindles into the hands of as many students as possible.  If you return the Kindle on time, you can have it for free. If you’re late, you’re keeping others from using it. The $5 charge is intended to motivate you to be responsible. If you don’t want to pay the cost, you need to be sure to get it back to the library the day it is due.

Can I return Kindles in the book drop?

Please do not use the book drop to return Kindles. We don’t want to risk them being damaged. For the same reason, we’re sending them home in a protective case. Please treat Kindle as you would any electronic device like your phone, iPod or mp3 player—protect it from the weather and heavy items like textbooks.

What if there are no Kindles available?

You can always borrow a print book. We have loads of those with no waiting!  🙂

Can I purchase a book to be downloaded on the Kindle?

Students should not purchase books for Kindles. If you want a book, talk to Mrs. Brosan and she’ll try to get it for you to read.

How many books does the library have for Kindle?

This number will always be changing. Please see our spreadsheet of titles to answer your question.

What if I’m absent the day my Kindle is due?

Call or email that day and I will check the daily bulletin to confirm your absence. Talk to me the next day when you do return the Kindle and we’ll work something out.


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