Evolution of Print

There’s a great article by Lev Grossman in the New York Times from late last week that discusses the evolution of reading devices ranging from the scrolls of biblical times, to Gutenberg’s printing press codex and now on eReaders. Grossman observes, “It’s no wonder that the rise of e-reading has revived two words for classical-era […]

Check Out Twelve Ways To Be More Search Savvy

I spent today helping US History Honors begin some biographical research. They’re initially going to create an annotated bibliography with a long-term goal of creating a project to introduce their hero to elementary students in the district. All the time I was working on this project, Bonnie Tyler’s “I Need a Hero” was running through […]

9th grade introduction reflections

Friday was an amazing day for me in the library. Over the course of the day, we had all of Mr. Weaver’s students working on Glogster making posters to introduce themselves to one another and Mrs. Hutchinson’s AP history students learning about the 13 original colonies (someone was looking for a book on Roanoke and […]