Things I Found December 19, 2014

Things I Found December 19, 2014 Project Based Learning in the Classroom: Project Ideas Five Reasons to Teach Kids to Code Three Ways to Engage Visual Learners I work with a variety of students, many of whom are English Language Learners or have specific learning disabilities. I have found that these students […]

Things I Found November 26, 2014

Things I Found November 26, 2014 Power Searching with Google (Tutorials) Hone your searching skills by solving complex search challenges alongside peers from around the world in this online class. 80 Unique (and FREE!) Teacher Guides, Tools, and Tutorials One of the many great things about the Web is that it showcases plenty […]

Things I Found November 14, 2014 5 Twitter hashtags you should be searching Social media remains a game-changer in education. Through platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, students are able to collaborate on projects or discussions about assignments. Educators connect with peers across their district, state, or, in many cases, across the world. Newseum Education’s Digital Classroom The Newseum […]

Things I found October 31, 2014 34 Teaching Emojis For centuries, teachers have used emojis as a tool for self-expression; to clarify and add flair to their written languages. (No. Not centuries. Just checking to see if you were paying attention.) Emojis, if you’re unfamiliar, are pictures used in texting and other electronic messages. If We Treated Teachers Like […]