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Things I Found This Week

Things I Found This Week, March 10, 2017 Here are the sites and articles I’m sharing: Helping Defiant Students Make a Plan for Better Behavior Survey: Many College Students Need a Lot More than Academic Support to Succeed For Young People, News is Mobile, Social, and Hard to Trust, Studies Find Good News for College […]

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Things I Found This Week

Things I Found This Week, February 24, 2017 Articles/sites I’m sharing this week: Why Teachers Are So Tired Disciplinary Literacy: A Shift That Makes Sense Students Reject “Fake News” to Write Footnoted, Neutral Wikipedia Entries Spotlight: Math in the Classroom How Teachers Are Helping Kids Understand the Trump Presidency What Makes a Good History Essay? […]

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Things I Found This Week

Things I Found This Week, December 8, 2016 Here are the articles, sites, etc. I’m sharing this week: Reducing Recidivism for Justice-Involved Youth Numbers of High-School Graduates Expected to Decline, Stagnate, Report Says Psst . . . Sony Has a Hit That’s as Big as Pokemon Go in Japan On the World Stage, US Students […]

Wonder if the library has a book? Need to renew?

The library’s joining the 21st century with an app just for you! You can search the android marketplace and iTunes for DestinyQuest. Once it’s installed, enter the URL and voila! you have access to the library’s most popular titles, new books, resource lists, and you’ll be able to log into your account to see […]