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Things I Found This Week

Things I Found This Week, March 10, 2017 Here are the sites and articles I’m sharing: Helping Defiant Students Make a Plan for Better Behavior Survey: Many College Students Need a Lot More than Academic Support to Succeed For Young People, News is Mobile, Social, and Hard to Trust, Studies Find Good News for College […]

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Things I Found This Week

Things I Found This Week, February 24, 2017 Articles/sites I’m sharing this week: Why Teachers Are So Tired Disciplinary Literacy: A Shift That Makes Sense Students Reject “Fake News” to Write Footnoted, Neutral Wikipedia Entries Spotlight: Math in the Classroom How Teachers Are Helping Kids Understand the Trump Presidency What Makes a Good History Essay? […]

Link to Clipular Things I found 10/15/2015

Things I Found October 15, 2015

                      I’m trying a new tool for sharing this list. You can take a screenshot, use tags and annotate the pages you clip. The site is called Clipular Please let me know what you think. Is it better for me to include the links […]